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Posted by Brian Koerber


A beach on Cape Cod was evacuated after a shark attacked a seal just off shore.

Thayer Wade was relaxing on Nauset Beach in Orleans, Massachusetts when he heard a disturbance in the water. When he looked out, he saw what appeared to be a fin of a great white shark, thrashing just 25 yards off shore. The shark attacked a seal, turning the water red with blood. 

Chaos erupted on the beach as swimmers and surfers rushed to shore. Because the attack happened so close to people in the water, the crowd panicked, thinking a person had been attacked. 

"I look on the left and I see my friend Nisi paddling for his life and I see something flubbering in the water with blood all around it. I thought it was a person," surfer Zevi Greenspan told the local NBC affiliate.  Read more...

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Posted by Molly Sequin


The DJI Spark is one of those fun, selfie-taking drones you'll want as soon as you see it. But if you already own one, you need to update it by September 1 — or risk never flying it again. 

On Monday, DJI announced a new firmware update for Spark drones coming later this week in response to a problem that was causing some of them to fall out of the sky while flying.

There's only one catch: People who don't update the firmware will no longer be able to use their drones. They simply will not take off anymore.

In a blog post, DJI says it "decided on the option of a mandatory firmware update in order to maximize flight safety and product reliability which [the company] consider as top priorities." Read more...

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Posted by Jack Morse


Well, this is interesting. A video showing what may or may not be the soon-to-be released iPhone 8 just leaked, and oh man will it have Apple fans scratching their heads. 

The 10-second clip, which we cannot confirm as authentic, depicts what appears to be some sort of calibration taking place. Part of that process involves an individual placing their finger on the back of a phone as if to test a Touch ID sensor.

During that process, a display above the device shows lines of data. 

If the video turns out to be legit — and that's a big if — it would mean that Apple has not abandoned Touch ID after all and would be a huge surprise to most mobile experts. Read more...

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Here’s what’s up in the world of TV for Wednesday, August 23. All times are Eastern.

Top pick

The Sinner (USA, 10 p.m.): USA’s transition into being one of the better cable channels for high-quality programming continues apace, as this quiet little show that no one saw coming airs its fourth episode, and it is just as good as the previous three—which is to say, great. Jessica Biel is giving a superlative lead performance, the mystery just gets more and more intriguing, and Bill Pullman’s cop is behaving weirdly. Get caught up before it’s over.

Regular coverage

The Defenders (Netflix)

Wild card

Hollywood Medium (E!, 9 p.m.): Lil’ Kim, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, and Lance Bass all meet with a blond-haired fraud while he puts some basic people-reading tricks to work and bilks idiots out of their money. We’ve been using the “wild ...

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This is the review for the sixth episode of The Defenders. To discuss subsequent episodes or the series as a whole, please visit our Spoiler Space.

“Ashes, Ashes” is a great episode of The Defenders—in theory. It’s the moment when our heroes (and our villains) turn on each other, unable to agree on the best way to fight, and as a result, crucial characters die. And at times, it comes close to greatness: The final 15 minutes are a thrilling and unexpected conclusion to both the hiding of Danny and Alexandra’s plan. Elektra’s sudden arrival at Danny’s location, killing Stick and taking out the others in order to kidnap him, is a bravura sequence. And though the show just barely telegraphed it five seconds prior, Elektra’s murder of Alexandra was also a nice twist, rejiggering the alliances and strategies among our villains with only ...

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Posted by Brittany Levine Beckman


President Donald Trump, who can both make the world cower in fear and belly laugh in response to his very well-known tweetstorms, wants you to know a very important fact: He doesn't 'do Twitter storms.'

"Do you notice when I go on and I'll put out like a tweet or a couple of tweets, 'He's in a Twitter storm again,'" he said at a Phoenix rally Tuesday night. "I don't do Twitter storms."

OK, um, but what about the tweetstorm when ex-FBI Director James Comey got fired or the one about his failed Muslim travel ban or that time he tweetstormed the hell out of his Obama wiretapping accusations, oh and don't forget the tweetstorms about the "illegal leaks," Democrats, and the "fake media?" Read more...

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Posted by Keith Wagstaff


The same person who tricked "The Mooch" via email has now fooled the editor of Breitbart — posing as none other than Steve Bannon. 

The self-proclaimed "email prankster" contacted Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow from steve.bannon@usa.com. As CNN reported, Marlow said he and other Breitbart editors would do Bannon's "dirty work" against the former Trump adviser's enemies in the White House. 

He also said the "best conspiracy on the whole internet" was that Jared Kushner was a "cuckhold," which, well, close enough. But then things got real strange. Read more...

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