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Posted by Sam Laird


June 2003: A time when 50 Cent's "21 Questions" ruled the pop charts, Charlie's Angles: Full Throttle ruled the box office, and young men favored very, VERY baggy suits. 

Thankfully, we've come a long way since, as evidenced by this comparison that circulated on Twitter during Thursday's NBA Draft. 

2003 vs. 2017 #NBADraft suit gamepic.twitter.com/Yemyf137aW

— 120 Sports (@120Sports) June 22, 2017

That top pic is the draft class of 2003, featuring LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh, among others. Look at their suits! Look at their pants! The entire draft was either sponsored by JNCO jeans, or the John Gotti look was very much in style. Maybe both.  Read more...

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Posted by Rachel Thompson


Putting a snazzy geofilter on your Snapchats is something many of us don't think twice about. But, have you ever swiped right in some of the world's most far-flung and hard-to-reach places? 

Even in remote spots like waterfalls, caves and forests, there are snazzy geofilters for you to spruce up your travel snaps. 

Never mind the 'pics or it didn't happen' rule. The new rule is: geofilter or you weren't there. Here are seven of the most remote geofilters around the world: 

Jozani Forest, Zanzibar, Tanzania 

This geofilter appears in a forest in the only national park in Zanzibar, on an island off the coast of Tanzania, Africa. The forest also happens to be home to the Zanzibar red colubus monkey — a species that only exists on that island. While you're snapping monkeys, be sure to search for the forest's geofilter.  Read more...

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Posted by Yvette Tan


It's not just a paperclip, its Prada.

This $185 Prada paperclip sold by Barney's New York is the latest in the list of extravagant things you will never need. 

Okay, to be fair, it's not technically a paperclip, but a paperclip-shaped money clip.

Image: prada/barney's/screenshot

Well that makes it a lot better.


Naturally, people were pretty triggered by this.

mood: being wealthy enough to have a $185 Prada money paperclip pic.twitter.com/P774DcQAOr

— VENUS (@DEVILDIOR) June 22, 2017

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Posted by Johnny Lieu


These schoolboys are fighting their school's dress code, one skirt at a time.

Around 50 boys at Isca Academy in Exeter, UK, protested their school's no shorts policy by turning up in skirts on Thursday, reported by Devon Live

The students reportedly got the idea from the school's head teacher, who jokingly suggested they could wear skirts if they like. 

A searing heatwave has left students struggling from the weather, despite parents complaining to the school about its antiquated uniform policy. 

Trousers are mandated for boys, while girls can also wear skirts. Students were told they would be disciplined if they turn up wearing shorts. Read more...

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Posted by Adario Strange


Even if you've never strapped on a virtual reality headset, if you're a heavy YouTube user, you've probably stumbled upon a 360 video on the site and thought: This looks interesting, but very weird and hard to watch in my browser. 

YouTube has been obviously been paying attention to these kinds of comments and has come up with a solution that serves both VR enthusiasts and non-VR users alike. It's called VR 180—and it's going to be available for YouTube's creators to begin making next-level immersive content.

Like most things involving VR in these early days of mainstreaming the platform, there are upsides and downsides with VR 180.  Read more...

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Posted by Jack Morse


Why dip your toes into the plebeian pool of music streaming services when you can have your own private aural sauna?

That appears to be the question Tesla is asking, with reports suggesting the electric car company is exploring launching a music streaming service for its vehicles. That's right, it looks like Tesla just might fancy its customers a bit too hifalutin' for the likes of Spotify or Apple Music. 

The details, as reported by Recode, are light. Even so, they're enough to send a jolt of excitement through every Tesla fanboy already growing weary of the Insane button and Bioweapon Defense Mode. Here's the deal: Tesla is allegedly chatting with all the major music labels about a proprietary music streaming service for its cars.  Read more...

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Posted by Patrick Kulp


John Oliver is facing the legal wrath of a lawsuit-happy coal baron after a brutal segment in which the host tore into the American coal industry.

The document accuses Oliver of a "ruthless character assassination" of Robert Murray, CEO of the nation's largest coal mining operation, Murray Energy.

It didn't exactly come as a surprise; in fact, Oliver more or less dared the notoriously litigious coal boss by mocking an earlier cease-and-desist letter from his company on the show. And at least one first amendment lawyer has said Murray doesn't have much of a leg to stand on. Read more...

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Posted by Laura Prudom


Trailers lie. 

It's kind of the entire point of a trailer, if you think about it — a TV show or movie wants to get you hyped for what you're about to see, but the producers don't actually want to give away any major plot points before you watch the finished product. 

So every trailer features misdirects and visual trickery to make you believe you're seeing one thing, when the end result will wind up showing you something else. It's a marketing art form, and it's one that has been perfected by Game of Thrones, which is unabashedly proud of all the wicked ways in which it misleads us. 

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Posted by Mia Johnson


Minions mania is a craze we still somehow cannot escape. McDonald's is the latest company to fall victim to this — dare we say — Minion monstrosity.

Per Delish, ahead of Despicable Me 3, McDonald's has unveiled a selection of Minion-themed food items and Happy Meal toys at certain Singapore restaurants. If your stomach and tastebuds are down for a rough night, then the following items are now available to try:

1. Minion potatoes

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