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See, here's the thing. I wrote a sequel to my last pornographic entry, 'Lube'.

It was a birthday present for [ profile] dragynflies, and it is quite dirty, in a way that you don't see too often in this fandom. So I swore I was just going to send it to her and never post it. But then I let [ profile] zaftig_darling read it, and her head didn't explode from my perversion.

(Originally, I had an entirely different fic in my mind for [ profile] dragynflies, which I may still write someday, but then I got distracted by the VM Anonymous Kink Meme. And I had so much fun writing part one that I decided to write a part two of that fic for her—also I had a totally awesome plot bunny or three about the setup from 'Lube'. Heh heh. I am sick, and sort of evil, I think. In my defense, my life has kind of sucked lately, and I probably need the distraction of mindless pornography. I have to tell you, this fic was very fun to write, which after all is supposed to be the point.)

So, I present to you, 'POSTLUBE'. Note: I would say this fic is much dirtier than 'LUBE', and I wouldn't be surprised if most of you were offended. Read all the warnings after the cut.

So wrong it's right? Rode hard, meet put away wet. You got a trophy for a rim job? I'm guessing it involves autoeroticism. Penises can sometimes be distracting. )


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