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Date: 2014-04-06 03:06 pm (UTC)
vanessagalore: (!Precipitation)
Thank you for the thoughtful criticism.

I tend to want to write really different stories from the rest of fandom. And most of them require vigorous suspension of disbelief for a couple reasons:

1) it's actually impossible to write a canonical VM fanfic, because canon contradicts itself at times
2) VM canon is not realistic (especially in legal areas)

I think they hit the reset button way too hard in the movie. I knew they would. Personally, when I saw the third season finale, my first thought was that they would totally handwave everything if they managed to get renewed, which really cheapened the impact. I don't really think it's fair to fault my story because the movie elided the consequences of canon.

That being said, of course my plots are completely preposterous. I like to take the little mistakes or omissions of the show and use them to explore character arcs. I think you're reading YLD2 now: you will need to firmly engage suspension of disbelief for that story, especially in regards to Keith's actions.

Of all the critiques people give me (and I seem to get more than my share), saying my plots are wildly implausible doesn't really bother me. I'm aiming for a fun ride, and trying things, rather than writing one reunion fic after another. Moreover, instead of "fixing" the show, I'm running with it. And due to the points above, that means there's going to be times when a thoughtful reader might say, "Hey ... wait a second ..."

One of my tricks that most people don't seem to notice is that when the story is at its most implausible is when I throw in a sex scene so you don't think about it too much. (sometimes a sex fantasy)

It is interesting what you've said here, and I wonder if an actual failed assassination attempt by Gory in the beginning of this story that pushes them into running would have helped. Vinnie (as you said) is not actually dangerous, but he was posited as a front for the Fitzpatricks, and I do believe they were realistically menacing. Vinnie is a stooge.

I was working on point of view really hard in this story, keeping a very narrow focus on Veronica, and that hurt the plot because we only saw the Russian mob from her perspective. Perhaps when they finally accessed the Internet some material about a vicious internal Mob war would have helped.

But truly, this was a "pants" novel (written by the seat of your pants rather than plotted). At each step I only knew the next thing I wanted to write. I did not figure out how to get them home until late in the story (I think it's easy to tell where that was—when they accessed the Internet to see what was going on in Neptune). (YLD1 was completed outlined before being written, and YLD2 mostly was.)

I kind of wish you were around to bat these ideas around when I was writing these stories.

Thanks for reading and commenting.
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