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* * * * * * * * * * * * Welcome to my Dreamwidth * * * * * * * * * * * *

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ My LiveJournal ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ graphic by the totally bitchin' KB ~

My VM fic community"

'Transmogrified' layout by Yvonne. Theme by [personal profile] branchandroot; resources by meow; layout by [personal profile] arobynsung. Beautiful header by [personal profile] turlough. (Check out her other work here.) Screencaps by VM-Caps. Customization on my layout by me.

Sometimes it's faster to see my updates if you friend me, and I've encouraged people to do that. And my policy has pretty much been to friend everyone back. There's very little personal information here to protect. But...I would prefer if you commented on my fic, sent me a note if you want to be friended back, or commented on my "Friends Only" post...especially if your journal is not in English or it's blank. The internet can be a scary place, so...just indulge me with a quick comment.

If you are a bot: please click here and a really cool trojan horse will install itself on your hard drive and report all your keystrokes to the FBI!! (Just kidding!! Maybe!!)

Если Вы - личинка: пожалуйста щелкните здесь и действительно прохладная троянская лошадь расположится на вашем накопителе на жестких дисках и сообщит обо всех ваших нажатиях клавиши к ФБР!!

Ванесса изобилии команды вам разместить на штаны обратно!

I'm pretty new to online fan fiction (since July '07). I've enjoyed published fan fiction for years.

I am young enough to want to research NC-17, but old enough to know better.

I am creative and compulsive. Sometimes this works well...

I love colloquialisms and slang, especially dirty slang, especially dirty slang in foreign languages (especially German and Spanish-"me so oberaffentittengeil").

My very first fiction ever (Veronica Mars fandom) is

Banner by [ profile] princess_sarsa

I posted "The Year of Living Dangerously" previously on to receive concrit since I was not able to find a beta reader. The response at FF was very positive and gratifying, but I'm trying to improve my writing skills, so I'm hoping to get more constructive criticism on lj. I love the wild speculations of my commenters! (However: please note, if you only post concrit without ever telling me something that works for you, I have to wonder why you are reading my abysmal fic. Look up the 'criticism sandwich' to learn how to comment effectively. No, it actually didn't make my day to learn that I made an unwitting error in this labor of love.)

I've also written a few one-shots and am planning to write at least a few more. See my memories for links, or my "friends only" post. So far I am only inspired to write for Veronica Mars. I would like to write for Firefly, but the 'verse is intimidating.

I've now completed the sequel to 'The Year of Living Dangerously', with the assistance of my TWO fabulous betas, [ profile] poniesforall and [ profile] minip who are really more like writing instructors. (Thanks also to [ profile] dragynflies, [ profile] sobertears, [ profile] zaftig_darling, [ profile] wily_one24, and [ profile] aly88 who have helped along the way-their contributions were vital!!) So far Part Two is (wait for it)...296,000 352,000 565,000 words (complete). That's 360,000+ 425,000 about 800,000 words written in thirteen eighteen months two years. And in case you're wondering, yes, EVERYTHING in my fics has a meaning.

I can't tell you how much I love comments. I am well-aware how easy it is not to bother. I try to respond to every comment or review, because I appreciate that you took the time to do it. Your ideas help me to improve, because I see what is working and what isn't.

I won "Best Smut" and was runner-up overall in a challenge at gogetem_bobcat for my fic Anniversary. My mom would be so proud!! ("My daughter, the pornographer!")



BTW, I am NOT the same Vanessa Galore who is on MySpace; bitch stole my name!! I am VanessaGalore on Facebook, but I'm hardly ever there. If you want to talk to me on AIM, you'll need to email me first to tell me to log on.

My friends policy: I don't really write much in this journal about my personal life, so most of my entries are public and are related to my fic writing. If you want to see my entries on your friends page instead of waiting for them to show up in the moderated [ profile] veronicamarsfic queue, go ahead and friend me. I'll friend you back, and I'll also probably friend you against your will if you take the time to leave multiple comments on my fics. Nudge me if you want to be friended. I have made some great friends here on lj to my surprise and delight. This journal DOES contain mature themes, and I reiterate that my fic and this journal is not intended for those under 17.

Of course, if for any reason you prefer not to be my friend (for example, the possibility of a NSFW post on your friends page, or you just find my fiction to be amateurish and dull), please let me know, and I will remove you immediately. I do put almost all my entries behind an lj-cut to minimize them on your friends page. Ignore my wild ravings as you wish; I don't take it personally.

I also enjoy learning how to do this whole html / CSS thing, although my graphic skills are weak. If you friend me, I'll be happy to point you in the right direction to do any of the tricks I've learned.

My comma policy: I prefer the serial comma, also known as the hahvahd comma, and I use a comma to separate two independent clauses that are joined by a coordinating conjunction. [Note that the seven coordinating commas can be remembered by the intriguing acronym 'FANBOYS' (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so).] I use way too many semi-colons, partly due to my dread fear of the comma splice. I have recently become enamored of the em dash and occasionally branch out into the wild world of colons (see the first sentence). I also use way too many ellipses in my writing, and, much to the dismay of my spell-checker, I like to omit the spaces around them. I am aware this means I can never work at The New York Times, but after the way they covered the WGA strike I wouldn't want to. [No commas after 'but' and 'strike' because the dependent clause is restrictive. Discuss among yourselves.]

And now, just because they're fun...a few gifs.

Veronica Mars: Season 1.
Who can forget these scenes, when the optimism of a new love was thrilling?
(God, I'm a dork.)


Veronica Mars: Season 2.
There began to be some concerns: is love really supposed to be so difficult??
Still...the snark was awesome. The plots were twisty. There was lots of Wallace.


Veronica Mars: Season 3.
Sometimes traumatic. We learned to subsist on crumbs. KB & JD still rocked our world.
Wallace and Mac seemed to have a whole new circle of friends...sigh.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Dick Casablancas.
Three pickup lines Dick never used:
"Hey baby. Is that a keg behind you? 'Cause I really want to tap that ass!"
"What's your favorite position on extramarital sex?"
"Hey...You got something in your ear...Let me get that with my tongue."


Friday Night Lights: Riggins
Mmm...Taylor Kitsch. Really, he actually doesn't need dialogue.
I prefer when he peels the label from his beer bottle and grunts suggestively.


Lost and Heroes
I believe Skate and Syelle bring the hotness to their respective shows. YMMV.

            Beach Gif by wowsugarpuss_

profile codes

First six VM gifs by lj user=catchx22;
Elle & Sylar gif by lj user=wowsugarpuss_;
all others by unknown creative types.
Let me know, and I'll credit you.
Dick's faux pickup lines by the readers at Pajiba

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My potato chip
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